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50th Anniversary Francie® Doll
Gold Label®
Vintage Reproduction by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 8/03/2016
Francie® doll arrived on the scene in 1966 as Barbie® doll’s MOD’ern cousin. To commemorate her 50th anniversary, she wears a recreation of her 1967 as Miss Teenage Beauty fashion set. It’s easy to see why she captured America’s hearts!
Body Type: Francie straight leg
Facial Sculpt: Francie
Fashion Sewn On: No
Fashion: Bright pink A-line ruffled skirt, paired with sweet sleeveless lace top adorned with floral appliqués
Accessories: Elbow-length gloves, beauty sash, pale-blue pumps, tiara, bouquet, her prized loving cup
Doll Stand: Francie logo stand


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