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King of the Crystal Cave™ Barbie
Gold Label®
Designer: Bill Greening
Release Date: 4/18/2017
The first male and fifth doll in the Faraway Forest™ Collection is inspired by the magical beauty and enchanted world of the Faraway Forest™ and its mysterious Crystal Caves. Dressed in imposing warrior regalia from head to toe, the King of the Crystal Caves reigns supreme in this mysterious realm. His muscular body, striking white hair and icy blue eyes all add to the allure of his commanding presence. Sculpted armor, faux leather belt accents, crown, sword and flowing cape all feature exquisite detail and a powerful look. Explore the magic and mystery of the Faraway Forest™ and its Crystal Caves with the fifth doll in the collectible series.
Body Type: Articulated Muscular
Facial sculpt: Tango
Fashion Sewn On: Yes
Fashion: Sculpted armor, faux leather belt accents, cape
Accessories: Sword, crown



Barbie® Star Trek™ 50th Anniversary Doll (Comic-Con Edition)
Gold Label®
Release Date: 7/21/2016
As Star Trek™ turns 50, we look back and celebrate one of the most influential television series of all time. In the pilot episode, “The Cage,” the Talosians use their power of illusion to interest Captain Pike in a young woman named Vina. They present her in various guises and settings, including as a beautiful, green-skinned Orion girl. Dressed in her shimmering metallic gold dancer’s dress with matching gold arm cuff, Vina as an Orion remains one of the most enduring images from Star Trek.


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2017-04-21 в 20:39 

Oh my Bog! | Бомба с меховым чесанизмом
Король хорош, цену боюсь себе даже представить.

2017-04-21 в 23:31 

Fashion Sewn On: Yes
Это как? Никогда не раздевать? И зачем же он тогда Articulated Muscular? :hmm:


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